Vic-3D Stereo Microscope

The Vic-3D Micro sys­tem is a new addi­ti­on to the Vic-3D pro­duct line of mea­su­re­ment solu­ti­ons. Vic-3D Micro enables accu­ra­te dis­pla­ce­ment and strain mea­su­re­ments under high magnification.


Three-dimen­sio­nal digi­tal image cor­re­la­ti­on (DIC) has found wide­spread popu­la­ri­ty for strain mea­su­re­ments due to its excel­lent accu­ra­cy, robust­ness and ease of use. Howe­ver, 3D mea­su­re­ments have been dif­fi­cult to obtain on spe­ci­mens whe­re high magni­fi­ca­ti­on is requi­red. This is main­ly due to the lack of optics with suf­fi­ci­ent depth-of-field to acqui­re two high magni­fi­ca­ti­on images from dif­fe­rent vie­w­ing angles.

Ste­reo micro­sco­pes over­co­me the­se depth-of-field limi­ta­ti­ons. Howe­ver, the inter­nal con­s­truc­tion of ste­reo micro­sco­pes pre­vents pro­per cor­rec­tion of image dis­tor­ti­ons using tra­di­tio­nal models, such as Sei­del lens dis­tor­ti­ons. The­se uncor­rec­ted images will result in sever­ely bia­sed shape and strain mea­su­re­ments. In fact, it is not uncom­mon to obser­ve bias levels of seve­ral thousand microstrain.

To over­co­me this pro­blem, Cor­re­la­ted Solu­ti­ons, Inc., has deve­lo­ped and paten­ted an easy-to-use cali­bra­ti­on method that does not suf­fer from the pro­blems asso­cia­ted with tra­di­tio­nal para­me­tric dis­tor­ti­on models. The cali­bra­ti­on method com­pu­tes the non-para­me­tric dis­tor­ti­on fields of the ste­reo micro­scope and has been shown to com­ple­te­ly eli­mi­na­te shape and strain bias from the measurements.

System Features

  • Field of view (zoom ran­ge): 0.8mm-7mm
  • Full-field mea­su­re­ments of 3D coor­di­na­tes, dis­pla­ce­ments, velo­ci­ties, and com­ple­te strain tensors
  • Auto­ma­tic calibration
  • Image pairs can be auto­ma­ti­cal­ly over­lap­ped with a simp­le adjustment
  • Powerful tools for visua­li­zing data 
    • Con­tour dis­plays which can be over­laid onto images of the test specimen
    • Data extra­c­tion from 3D plots based on user defi­ned lines and circles
    • Post-pro­ces­sing tools for sta­tis­ti­cal ana­ly­sis, stress-strain cur­ves, and more
  • Con­ve­ni­ent export­ing of data with the FLEX­Port data tool 
    • Data can be expor­ted in Tecplot/plain ASCII, Mat­lab, and STL formats
    • Node data can be easi­ly extra­c­ted for FEA validation
  • One year of tech­ni­cal sup­port and soft­ware upgrade
  • One-year repla­ce­ment war­ran­ty for defects in mate­ri­als and/or work­man­ship on all parts


Appli­ca­ti­on examp­les about Vic-3D Micro:

Ser­ver­ed cera­mic capa­ci­tor chip under ben­ding load

Com­bi­na­ti­on Ste­reo­mic­ro­scope and Vic-3D digi­tal image correlation