Digital Image Correlation Systems / DIC


Sys­tem for mea­su­ring the shape, dis­pla­ce­ment and strain of sur­faces. The VIC pro­duct line pro­vi­des a non-cont­act mea­su­re­ment sys­tem for strain‑, defor­ma­ti­on and vibra­ti­on ana­ly­sis. The sys­tems and solu­ti­ons are appli­ed for mate­ri­al and pro­duct test­ing in rese­arch and development.

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Shearography Systems


Photo Shearography SE2 Sensor by isi-sys

Shearography/ESPI (elec­tro­nic speck­le pat­ter inter­fe­ro­me­try) is appli­ed main­ly for non des­truc­ti­ve test­ing and vibra­ti­on mea­su­re­ment today. Defects can be loca­ted and visua­li­sed by the full field she­aro­gra­phic mea­su­re­ment of their non uni­form defor­ma­ti­on gra­di­ents and local vibra­ti­ons. The she­aro­gra­phy sen­sor line pro­vi­des high reso­lu­ti­on real time moni­to­ring. The turn-key sys­tems pro­vi­de all requi­red access­ories for the com­mon object loa­ding methods such as ther­mal, dyna­mic or vacu­um loading.

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 Piezoshaker Systems


Photo Piezoshaker PS X 03 by isi-sys


The pie­zo­s­ha­ker exci­ta­ti­on sys­tems are desi­gned for vibra­ti­on mea­su­re­ment and non des­truc­ti­ve test­ing and con­sists of a Pie­zo­s­ha­ker, an ampli­fier and a func­tion gene­ra­tor. Optio­nal­ly the power of the Pie­zo­s­ha­ker trans­mit­ted to the test object can be monitored.

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Video Stroboscope


Photo High Speed Videostroboscope by isi-sys


The High­speed Video­stro­bo­scope can be used to visua­li­ze and record vibra­ti­ons and rota­ti­ons in slow-moti­on – on the elec­tro­dy­na­mic shaker, the engi­ne test stand, at non-acces­si­ble loca­ti­ons and on lar­ge or micr­os­ca­le objects.

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