Strain Gauge Comparison

In this exam­p­le a Vic-3D mea­su­re­ment with 5MP CMOS Came­ra was per­for­med. The acryl spe­ci­men is fixed in a ten­si­le test­ing machi­ne. A strain gau­ge is atta­ched at the back in com­bi­na­ti­on with a SCAD 500 strain gau­ge ampli­fier. The out­put of the SCAD 500 was con­nec­ted to the DAQ of the DIC sys­tem. The strain results are recor­ded par­al­lel with the Vic-3D mea­su­re­ment and plot­ted in a dia­gram. The came­ra type is equip­ped with Sony 5Mpx Pre­gi­us sen­sor, 75 fps.

Strain Gauge Comparison-1  Strain Gauge Comparison-1a

Image 1: Vic-3D mea­su­re­ment of the acryl specimen


Strain Gauge Comparison-2









Image 2: Com­pa­ri­son of strain gau­ge data (red cur­ve) and DIC Strain data (black curve)


The Vic-3D data match near­ly per­fect with the strain gau­ge data. Even at low strains the dif­fe­rence is less than 25 micro strain.