Vic-3D Educational System

The new VIC-3D Edu­ca­tio­nal (EDU) Sys­tem from Cor­re­la­ted Solu­ti­ons is a low-cost solu­ti­on deve­lo­ped for aca­de­mic insti­tu­ti­ons to assist in tea­ching the Digi­tal Image Cor­re­la­ti­on tech­ni­que to under­gra­dua­te and gra­dua­te students.

The VIC-3D EDU sys­tem uti­li­zes the same accu­ra­te DIC algo­rith­ms found in the powerful VIC-3D soft­ware, while allo­wing users to acqui­re data quick­ly and easi­ly. The sys­tem fea­tures a sim­pli­fied set­up, stream­li­ned image acqui­si­ti­on, and ide­al post-pro­ces­sing fea­tures. The ste­reo came­ras are moun­ted insi­de a pro­tec­ti­ve enclo­sure, which includes an inte­gra­ted LED light source, a coo­ling fan, and an exte­ri­or USB & power con­nec­tors. The sys­tem also includes a tri­pod, tri­pod head, speck­le rol­ler, ink pad, cali­bra­ti­on tar­get, and a con­ve­ni­ent car­ry­ing case.

This pro­duct is the per­fect addi­ti­on to engi­nee­ring cour­ses such as solid mecha­nics, mea­su­re­ments, struc­tures, auto­mo­ti­ve design, aero­space, safe­ty, FEA vali­da­ti­on, and many others. Fur­ther­mo­re, the VIC-3D EDU soft­ware has the abili­ty to pro­cess images acqui­red from any VIC-3D EDU sys­tem, which allows users to share images not only across cam­pus, but also with col­le­agues at other uni­ver­si­ties. The sys­tem sim­ply requi­res a com­pu­ter with one available USB3 port and one available power source. Whe­ther you are tea­ching stu­dents new mea­su­re­ment tech­ni­ques or vali­da­ting FEA models, this sys­tem will sure­ly enhan­ce the qua­li­ty of your department’s curriculum.



VIC-3D Educational System



VIC-3D Educational System specifications:


Came­ra Resolution 1920 x 1200 (2.3 Megapixels)
Frame Rate 20Hz live, .5Hz acqui­si­ti­on, 100 frames per capture
Expo­sure Time 19µs – 1s
Field of View Fixed: 150 x 200mm
Dis­pla­ce­ment Resolution In-pla­ne: +/-2µm; Out-of-pla­ne: +/-4µm
Strain Mea­su­re­ment Resolution 50µε
Strain Mea­su­re­ment Range  0.005% to >2000%
VIC-3D EDU Licenses Unli­mi­t­ed
Soft­ware Features 3D dis­pla­ce­ments, strains, gra­phing tools, and much more


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