Shearography / ESPI Systems

SE2 neu array


The She­aro­gra­phy / ESPI Sys­tems are based on our SE sen­sors and isi-Stu­dio soft­ware in com­bi­na­ti­on with spe­cial access­ories for dyna­mic, ther­mal and vacu­um loa­ding. They are usable for a varie­ty of appli­ca­ti­ons, e.g. full field mea­su­re­ment, non cont­act, non des­truc­ti­ve test­ing, vibra­ti­on, defor­ma­ti­on and strain measurement.


SE-System Components





SE1 shearographySE3

We offer dif­fe­rent SE-Sen­sor types, espe­ci­al­ly for your application.

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Loading methods:

Piezoshaker frontneuVakuum window

To achie­ve the best pos­si­ble results during your mea­su­re­ment, various loa­ding methods are available.

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isi-Stu­dio is a spe­cia­li­zed soft­ware tool for auto­ma­tic and manu­al con­trol­led ope­ra­ting and recor­ding of (speck­le) interferometry.

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SE-System Advantages

  • Fle­xi­ble and effi­ci­ent: One sen­sor sys­tem for ther­mal, vacu­um and dyna­mic loading
  • Smart and mobi­le: Sen­sor ope­ra­tes direct­ly by Lap­top (ful­ly digi­tal) — no addi­tio­nal devices
  • Ful­ly digi­tal sys­tem: First and only full digi­tal real­time pha­ses­hif­ting she­aro­gra­phy sensor
  • No safe­ty requi­re­ments: Laser class 1 with power from 0,1W up to 12W per module
  • High reso­lu­ti­on and sen­si­ti­vi­ty: 5 MPi­xel sen­sor, 10nm light pha­se reconstruction
  • High qua­li­ty and varie­ty of len­ses: Desi­gned for pro­fes­sio­nal Nikon-F-mount lenses


Unique detection features

  • Detec­tion of de-bon­ding to foam and honey­comb whe­re other methods fail
  • Detec­tion also on backside of sand­wich struc­tu­re by dyna­mic exci­ta­ti­on possible
  • Auto­ma­ted detec­tion of image sca­le for deter­mi­na­ti­on of defect size


For rugged environments / in-service inspection

  • High per­for­mance band pass fil­ter per­mits mea­su­re­ment at day light (in house)
  • Rapid and rigid moun­ting of sen­sor by fle­xi­ble suc­tion cup tripod
  • Rug­ge­dized sen­sor for rapid ope­ra­ti­on wit­hout need for adjustment
  • All in one flight case (sen­sor, vacu­um tri­pod, dynamic/thermal excitation)



Application example for ESPI / Shearography:

Dyna­mic loa­ding on rud­der blade

Dyna­mic loa­ding on a yacht mast

Dyna­mic exci­ta­ti­on on a spacecraft

Dyna­mic loa­ding on a wind tur­bi­ne bla­de and res­in bridges

Dyna­mic loa­ding on a lar­ge yacht hull

NDT on wind rotor blades

Vacu­um loa­ding on bat­tery packs