Dynamic loading on a yacht mast

The examp­le shows an app­li­ca­ti­on of NDT on a 30m CFK yacht mast (lower left). The time average result of the SE1 mea­su­re­ment and dyna­mic loading by our Pie­zos­ha­ker (lower right) is indi­ca­ting a lar­ger deli­mi­ta­ti­on below the sur­face star­ting from a small visi­ble crack. Usual­ly, small cracks are often seen on the sur­face, but not all are rela­ted to dela­mi­na­ti­on, which needs any repair.

NDT Yacht   NDT Yacht2

SE1 with Pie­zos­ha­ker for dyna­mic loading

Defect detec­ted by Vibro­gra­phy / dyna­mic loading