NDT on Wind Rotor Blades

First test NDT Mea­su­re­ment by she­aro­gra­phy on a wind tur­bi­ne bla­de in 1996 by P. Mäckel, L. Yang, G. Kup­fer and A. Tie­mich at Kas­sel Uni­ver­si­ty. The object is a spe­cial wind rotor bla­de of a sin­gle wing wind tur­bi­ne ener­gy plant.


Appli­ed loa­ding method: Loa­ding by inter­nal pres­su­re (the bla­de has been sea­led). A manu­al pump has been used to increase a pres­su­re dif­fe­rence against the sur­roun­ding. The frin­ge images show are­as at dif­fe­rent loca­ti­ons. The frin­ges are pro­por­tio­nal to the out of pla­ne defor­ma­ti­on gra­di­ents of the sur­face, which allows to iden­ti­fy inho­mo­ge­neous stiff­ness of the struc­tu­re: left — Del­a­mi­na­ti­on; right — Axi­al crack; cen­ter ‑Struc­tu­ral chan­ge over (dif­fe­rent num­ber of glas­fi­ber layers).