Dynamic excitation on a spacecraft

Historic measurement from 2000

This exam­ple com­bines the Vibro­grafie Sys­tem with a Piezoshak­er Mod­ule for a non-destruc­tive inspec­tion. The heat shield with C‑Si‑C (car­bon fiber-sil­i­con com­pos­ite) of the prospec­tive recov­ery vehicle/ space­craft x38 was reviewed by Shearog­ra­phy.


For eas­i­er han­dling, the Piezoshak­er mod­ule is com­pressed on the sur­face of the object via a suc­tion base.
(a) Piezoshak­er mod­ule, (b) the heat shield of the space­craft X38 © Flight of the space­craft X38.



The pic­ture shows the deter­mi­na­tion of times of the heat shield with the nat­ur­al fre­quen­cy (1400 Hz).



Local vibra­tion forms of defects at 10kHz and 18 kHz of the nose hood in the marked area of the image. Dur­ing the inspec­tions, two defects have been detect­ed in the upper area of the dog.