Microscopic Strain Measurement

Combination of a special stereomicroscope with Vic-3D digital image correlation on electronic components.


Uni Wien Mikroskop

Mea­su­re­ment set up: Ste­reo micro­scope mounted

on x‑y-z-micro­ta­ble (backside) and ten­si­le machi­ne (right).


Uni Wien Mikroskop2

Uni Wien Mikroskop3

Ser­ver­ed cera­mic capa­ci­tor chip under ben­ding load (image width approx. 4mm):
Strain in x‑direction (upper image) and y- direc­tion (lower image).


Uni Wien Mikroskop4

Uni Wien Mikroskop5

Stan­dard deri­va­ti­on (upper) under load : An increased value occurs on the midd­le against the reference
sta­te by the local­ly small bul­ge at the cont­act bet­ween chip and board (see 3D con­ture below). This might be caused
by mate­ri­al , which is pres­sed tog­e­ther bet­ween the two parts (inclu­ding the colour lay­er). In the upper area the
increased values of the stan­dard deri­va­ti­on is cau­sed by the redu­ced speck­le density.