Combination Stereomicroscope and Vic-3D digital image correlation

Appli­ca­ti­on examp­les of a spe­cial ste­reo­mic­ro­scope in com­bi­na­ti­on with Vic-3D digi­tal image cor­re­la­ti­on on elec­tro­nic components.


Image 1: Mea­su­re­ment setup

Mea­su­re­ment set up: Ste­reo micro­scope moun­ted on x‑y-z-micro­ta­ble (backside) and ten­si­le machi­ne (right).


Image 2: Strain in x‑direction


Image 3: Strain in y‑direction

Strain dis­tri­bu­ti­on of a half cut capa­ci­tor-chip (left part) and its sold­e­ring area (round sec­tion). The board is under
ben­ding load. The board is ver­ti­cal on the right sight of the image. The local red area is show­ing a crack in the
sold­e­ring part. Image area approx. <2mm.



Image 4: The main strain of mea­su­ring a sold­er ball d=300µm under hori­zon­tal shear stress is shown.