Combination of Digital Image Correlation and Thermography

In light of the growing efficient utilization of material properties, the requirements for non-destructive testing of components increase. The customer requests can not always be covered with one testing method. Through a fusion of the single procedures – digital image correlation and thermal imaging- more complex analysis become possible.

Thermography is based on the principle that induced heat in mechanical components causes a different temperature field in the area of defects or inhomogeneities.

The digital image correlation is a powerful system for measuring and visualizing strain and movement.


System Configuration

Both the IR camera for thermography and the two CCD cameras for 3D image correlation are mounted on a standard stereo bar.



Advantages of this multi-function device are all applications with component deformations caused by thermal energy like current flow. This product allows a simultaneously determination of the heat flows as well as strain and deformation.



Example: Photovoltaic Module



Defective photovoltaic modules have been measured during operation. A preparation with speckle pattern is necessary for digital image correlation. They would been placed on the rear of the module.



Three dimensional presentation of the temperature values.



Three dimensional presentation of the strain measurement.