Digital Image Correlation Systems / DIC


Photo Digital Image Correlation GT660 by isi sys

System for measuring the shape, displacement and strain of surfaces. The VIC product line provides a non-contact measurement system for strain-, deformation and vibration analysis. The systems and solutions are applied for material and product testing in research and development.

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Shearography Systems


Photo Shearography SE2 Sensor by isi-sys

Shearography/ESPI (electronic speckle patter interferometry) is applied mainly for non destructive testing and vibration measurement today. Defects can be located and visualised by the full field shearographic measurement of their non uniform deformation gradients and local vibrations. The shearography sensor line provides high resolution real time monitoring. The turn-key systems provide all required accessories for the common object loading methods such as thermal, dynamic or vacuum loading.

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 Piezoshaker Systems


Photo Piezoshaker PS X 03 by isi-sys


The piezoshaker excitation systems are designed for vibration measurement and non destructive testing and consists of a Piezoshaker, an amplifier and a function generator. Optionally the power of the Piezoshaker transmitted to the test object can be monitored.

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Video Stroboscope


Photo High Speed Videostroboscope by isi-sys


The Highspeed Videostroboscope can be used to visualize and record vibrations and rotations in slow-motion – on the electrodynamic shaker, the engine test stand, at non-accessible locations and on large or microscale objects.

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