Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

An important area of application of Shearography is non-destructive testing (NDT). Defects become visible on the basis of the measured inhomogeneous deformation- respectively strain-distributions. Beyond the localisation, the defects or the mechanic structure of the object can be further characterised dependent of the spatial distribution. The identification of material parameters of damaged areas is possible as well in combination with fem-models.

Application examples, use the links for detailed information:


Load by dynamic excitation



Dynamic loading on rudder blade




NDT Yacht


Dynamic loading on a yacht mast




Dynamic excitation on a spacecraft


Section RotorBlade-a


Dynamic loading on a wind turbine blade and resin bridges


Marine NDE


Dynamic loading on a large yacht hull




 Load by change of pressure



NDT on wind rotor blades



Load by vacuum

battery pack


Vacuum loading on battery packs