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Shearography / ESPI Systems


Foto SE2 Sensor Shearografie Scherografie by isis-sys



For full field, non contact, non destructive testing, vibration, deformation and strain measurement. Field of view from mm to square meters with a resolution of fractions of the light wave length.

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Application: Non Destructive Testing

Defects become visible on the basis of the measured inhomogeneous deformation due to thermal, dynamic or vacuum loading.

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DIC (Digital Image Correlation)


Foto Kamera GT6600 Digitale Bildkorrelation by isi-sys


For full field non contact strain, deformation, vibration, motion measurement and analysis based on VIC-Software of Correlated Solutions. From static high resolution to high speed dynamic applications with sensitivity in the sub micrometer range.

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Application: Strain Measurement

For three dimensional static and dynamic applications or fatigue test from 0,01% up to 1000% strain with high spatial resolution up to 29Mpx per system with high time resolution at 1 million frames per second.

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Video Stroboscope


Foto High Speed Videostroboskop by isi-sys



Used for simple visualization, monitoring and recording of vibrations and rotations in slow-motion. For quantitative evaluation in subpixel range, it can be extended with image correlation (see above).

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Application: Vibration Analysis

of operation deflection with full field 3D using high speed recording and phase separation method. Phase resonance methods in combination with elektrodynamic shakers.

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Piezoshaker Systems


Photo Piezoshaker PS X 03 by isi-sys


Designed for vibration excitation in the k-Hz range especially for non destructive testing. Systems include special light weight high power piezo amplifiers for mobile application in NDT with shearography and thermography.

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Application: Vibration Monitoring

On shaker, test benches, at non-accessible locations (endoscope-use) and on large or micro objects.

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