Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

NDT YachtAn important area of application of Shearography is non-destructive testing (NDT). Defects become visible on the basis of the measured inhomogeneous deformation- respectively strain-distributions. Beyond the localisation, the defects or the mechanic structure of the object can be further characterised dependent of the spatial distribution.



Research and Development

Dynamic compression2Our Digital Image Correlation VIC systems cover a wide range of applications from automotive to biological, and size scales from microscopy to large structures.  All VIC systems are sold as turn-key solutions, which are customized to your measurement needs.




Strain Measurement

Stain measurementStrain measurement is used for three dimensional static and dynamic applications or fatigue test from 0,01% up to 1000% strain with high spatial resolution up to 29Mpx per system with high time resolution at 1 million frames per second.





Vibration Measurement

Bremse frontneu2Vic-3D Vibration enables full-field 3D viewing, measurement, and analysis of transient events.